NSolV8 provides a complete set of sizing tools for the system design professional.

NSolV8 PV sizing software improves productivity giving the system designer flexibility to evaluate system options with just a click of the mouse.

Off-Grid PV System Design

NSolV8 Sample Screen — Off Grid PV System

NSolV8 retains all the functions that made it the world-wide standard for standalone system design, then adds the capability to analyze AC Bus PV systems and improved analysis of lithium batteries.

NSolV8 now includes the capability to design for “end-of-life” rather than just initial performance.

Hybrid System Design

NSolV8 includes improves functionality for designing PV-generator hybrids.  The designer can choose between DC-Bus hybrids (where the generator uses a separate rectifier to charge the battery) and AC-Bus hybrids (where the battery charger is built into the inverter).

The program allows for either cycle-driven operation (based solely on battery state of charge) or systems with forced operation of the generator every day.

The generator performance table can be copied directly to a spreadsheet, allowing further calculation on operating costs and system behavior.

Grid-Tied PV System Design

Grid-Tied PV systems were in their infancy when NSol! was first designed in 1993.  Now there are thousands of megawatts of grid—tied systems being designed around the world each year.

NSolV8 adds grid-tied system design to its toolkit, creating a tool that can be used to do quick screening analyses.  Simply choose a site, select a module and inverter, select a tracking option and press the [Auto PV] button.  The program will perform string calculations, optimize the array size to the inverter capacity and calculate monthly performance figures, as well as average daily system performance.

In just a few minutes, you can evaluate options with different modules, varying tilt angles and tracking versus non-tracking options.